W1 ~ An Introduction

Hi All,

So I’ve never blogged before, nor have I ever considered it so here goes.

I’m Lauren a first year here at UOW, and like most other people on here, I’m studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies.

This is actually not my first year out of school, nor is it my first time starting Uni. As young  lass fresh out of high school at just 18, I was poor and still pretty clueless as to where and what I wanted to be. All I knew is I desperately wanted to get out of Orange, my small home town of the past 14 years and go and see the world.

So with no savings ruling out travel, I made the decision pack up move up to Sydney (Bondi to be exact) to try to figure out who and what I wanted to be. I also started a Bachelor of Business Management at The Hotel School Sydney through Southern Cross University.

After a year of being in the University world whilst working and being (sucking probably a better term for it) financially independent and meeting a ton of amazing people in the process I was finally becoming aware to all of the other opportunity out there. And it was at this point I realised that Communications and Media was the path I wanted to head down and that is how I’ve ended up here writing this blog for #BCM110 & #BCM112.

Ok so something actually about me.

-I have tattoos

-I love Bondi, I can;t wait to finsh my degree and move back there.

– I love art. looking at it and making it, I love to draw, I love pens, inks and watercolor and I love pottery and sculpture.

– My all time favorite artists is Caitlin Hackkett followed by Kate Shaw, see below

Ballpoint pen, watercolour, coloured pencil & micron pen on hot press watercolour psper

“A Flightless Bird” by Caitlin Hackett

Ballpoint pen, watercolour, coloured pencils, gesso and gold acrylic on paper

“Forget me Not” by Caitlin Hackett

China Syndrome – Kate Shaw. Acrylic and Resin on board x 3

-I love animals, particularly whales.

-I still cry when I watch the lion king.

-I’m a firm believer in climate change.

-I have a strange fear of jelly or any other food that has a wobbly consistency.

Anyway. Here is my first post. I will try to improve as the semester goes on.

Chao x


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