~W2~ The Blame Game

Does TV make us fat? It’s a question we’ve all heard and probably most would agreed with.

tv and weight gain

TV and weight gain

We as humans naturally find ourselves pushing blame of events or state of affairs considered to be undesirable onto anything or anyone else, with new technologies and media being immediately held responsible.  This idea of blame being any one else’s fault but ours can be known at the “not me” notion.

Today with TV and online media being  such a large part of our every day lives it’s easy to see how we can blame Media for our issues, but, is it really the Media’s fault?

Recently, there have been issues regarding the spike in teenage pregnancy and it’s been extremely exploited in the Media as well. So, are they to blame? They have glamorized this issue through TV shows such as “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” With the Media displaying such shows, are they to blame for actually causing the increase, or is it just mirroring what is already happening within society?


Teen Mom

Teen pregnancy isn’t a new issue, teen pregnancy has been going on for years. In fact, it was once a norm for women to be married with children by the age of 20, so to put the blame on Media today seems a little skewed.

So what other reasons could there be?

Youth are often reminded about “safe sex”, but in this day and age, parents and caregivers are avoiding talking to their children and informing them of physical and emotional consequences that come with sex.
This idea that youth and parents aren’t discussing sex show a massive hole in which the lack of knowledge, understanding, and education, teen pregnancy could rise.

Another aspect of teen pregnancy can be what is classed as a teen. It is said that many “teen” pregnancies of women aged 18 and 19, legal adults, chose to get pregnant due to being in a stable relationship. Now yes, they fall under an age classification of “teen” but as legal adults, what makes their choice to have a baby any less legitimate then an adult of the age of 25?. It can be thought that these 18 and 19 year olds were having children due to their place in their relationship, not because teen Mom had an influence on them.

So, even though media is seen to display teenage pregnancy, the issues shown is made clear that it is just a reflection of what is already happening within society and isn’t to blame.



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