W2 ~ Introducing Spotify



The Spotify Trend: Who Gets the Payout?

I love music, and even more so I love free music. That is why for the next 8 weeks I have chosen to look into the music streaming platform that is Spotify.

Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming program that I have been an active user for over a year now.  It is a platform which allows its users to discover new music, create their own music playlists, listen to other users playlists including friends, artist and celebrities and gives users free access to Spotify radio. Not only does it offer users all of these wonderful things, but it provides the option for users to use a free and slightly more restricted version or become a paying subscriber to access Spotify premium.

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About Spotify

Spotify was create by Daniel Ek of Sweden and was first launched in a handful of European countries back in 2008.

Daniel Ek

Spotify has since taken off dramatically with accessing now in over 55 countries in including Australia which was launched in 2012. It has over 24 million users worldwide, 6 million of which are paying subscribers all with access to over 20 million songs.

Spotify has revolutionised the sociology of the online music industry forever. By targeting the increasing population of “pirates,”
notorious of illegal downloading, rather than focusing on those who would happily purchase their content is what made Spotify what it is today.  This concept was ultimately new to the music industry and has since changed the way majorities of people listen to their music.

Spotify’s success can additionally be linked to it’s convergence with other devices and platforms. Spotify can easily be accessed through multiple sources such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The user can also save playlists and then display what they’re listening to on popular social networking sites such as Facebook.

Being a free, easy-to-use and an easily accessible music outlet has made Spotify revolutionary and has dramatically changed the way music is accessed online today.


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