W4 ~ A fight to the death

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Spotify vs Itunes


According to Jenkins (2004) we are entering an era where media is a part of our everyday lives because it is everywhere and with so many different types of technologies on offer it has become a battle between companies to try and audiences over. In recent years we have seen companies such as Apple dominate the market, especially when it comes to technologies that allow audiences to access music with it’s creation of the Itunes, Ipod and then the Iphone.  But now, for the first time in a long time, we are seeing audiences shift away from the Apple giants and head towards other music outlets, such as Spotify.


Why the Change?
For years Apple’s innovative ways of putting audience wants into high quality products has seen to its dominance over the market. But now, with people becoming more involved with their devices then ever before, there is a growing trend seeing audiences wanting more control over their devices, wanting to be more interactive and be able to tailor them to suit their needs. Unfortunately for Apple, this demand does not comply with their Closed Source approach, an approach that means no body but Apple has access or ability to customise it’s program, also known as a walled garden.

A Month Inside Apple's Walled Garden: It's Not as Bad as You'd Think

A Month Inside Apple’s Walled Garden: It’s Not as Bad as You’d Think

So instead there has been a rise in popularity in other music outlets, like Spotify for a number of reasons. Not only has Spotify created a platform suited to audiences who would otherwise seek piracyAND audiences who want to listen to music lawfully, being instantly ready to access and free but Spotify gives the option for audiences to use Open Source 3rd party companies to create programs to work alongside Spotify and assist in the user experience. This has been done through what is known as Spotify Developer, a site that connects users to numerous 3rd party companies which will then allow users do numerous things like create widgets, apps and even create their own personal music streaming programs and much much more. This ultimately giving Spotify users more control over their platform and is not something Apple allows due to its Closed Source policy.

Open source technologies are  finding their place in the world, now going beyond hobbyists but also now with big online platforms.  Spotify has recognised this shift and has  integrated with other major media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allowing users to share live what they are listening to and allows music discovery from those sites, another thing Apple Ipod doesn’t allow.

Apple is a major company will remain a solid contender in the battle of devices  but with it’s closed sourced software approach, I believe it will find it increasingly harder to compete against popular upcoming  platforms like Spotify with their open source approach that give users much more option as to how they use their device.


~LOR ~

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