W5 ~ The Audience has control

Spotify goes social, partners with Facebook

Spotify goes social, partners with Facebook

Media is no longer individual, it’s collaborative, and these days you will find the most of the most successful contenders within the media and technologies industries have found convergence is the key for expanding opportunity (Jenkins 2004) in particular Spotify.

Convergence has seen all types of technologies ban together to create one giant network designed to pass on information from one platform, and have it flow through to numerous others. Why? Because it’s as simple as audiences wanted it to! Audiences today expect and demand the ability to participate, interact, collaborate with content, information and other users across multiple platforms.

As some platforms may resist the change in demand (Jenkins 2014), we see Spotify  respond and embrace convergence now linking accounts with other popular media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and personal Blogs  allowing users to post and share what they re listening to instantly from Spotify. Spotify even has its own Youtube channel.

Spotify tracks can be embedded on Tumblr as well as shared via Twitter and Facebook

Which platform is most worthy of your monthly subscription?


Spotify also makes its brand available through numerous devices and technologies.  Individual Apps have been created for all laptops, home computers, mobiles and Tablets catering to all brands and operating systems.  Spotify has roots into New Samsung Smart Televisions and  even Virgin Music’s Tivo entertainment system all as a means of interacting with and for audiences.

For Spotify, the role of the audience is not just to listen to the content, it is to respond, give feed back and allow Spotify to see where it can grow and expand.  One of Spotify’s key points has been looking at the way users of  other media, and have seen the need users have to be always connect to other users. This lead to the  introduction of the “sharing” button, posting to twitter or Facebook what users were listening to. Next came the “follow” app, allowing users to follow their fiends, favorite artists and celebrities to see what they were listening to, and from there on came Spotify messaging system where users can actually send songs and messages to other Spotify users, much like that of Facebook.


Spotify ads ‘follow’ buttons



Audiences as seen with Spotify, play a major role in the development of a technology and have particularly assisted in convergence of media.  The way in which audiences media platforms can, in turn, allow a platform designed for a completely different purpose to expand and grow, it shows that audiences are now mediators, determining how companies will produce a product to then give back to that same audience.



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