W7~ Transmedia Narratives

Produsage and audience participation, as seen with Spotify, is a massive movement online. So it’s not surprising that audiences are getting involved individually and collaboratively, creating extensions, collaborating ideas and forming fan based communities to turn popular linear  stories  into complex ‘worlds’ by delivering fragments of stories over multiple media channels. This is known as Transmedia storytelling.


Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling gives a story more multiple levels of depth in order to enhance the entertainment experience across multiple delivery channels, with most channels ideally making their own unique contribution to an unfolding story (Jenkins 2007). Some popular transmedia stories include, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Doctor Who and Star Wars. These are all transmedic because their stories are told over multiple platforms as seen below, like books, movies/ TV shows, comics, fan art, video games, music,  fan based videos, blogs and websites  and can be aided by popular sites like YouTube, Wikipedia and even my focus platform Spotify.

Sw dvd's

Star Wars on DvD


Star Wars Lego Game on Xbox


Star Wars Comics

Star Wars Fan Art

Star Wars Fan Art



Spotify as a music streaming platform, contributes a small part to Transmedia storytelling compared to other platforms like YouTube. However there are still audiences using it to actively participate in creating a transmedia experience by creating fan playlists that reflect on popular stories, in effect, adding another layer to their entertainment experience of that story.


Star Wars Playlists on Spotify

Star Wars Playlists on Spotify


Fan  created Star Wars playlist

Fan created Star Wars playlist


The above screenshots of the numerous Star Wars playlist have been created by users on Spotify. These playlists include not only movie sounds tracks but also playlists composed collaboratively by users including songs not from the movies but that reflect the fans idea of the Star Wars narrative, adding a new layer of dimension and enhancing the Star Wars experience (as seen in the following image).

Spotify then goes on to aid transmedia narrative creation, especially when creating story extensions on fan based blogs and webpages with the Spotify Play feature. This feature allows users to embed music into their blogs and internet pages, instantly giving the story an additional entertainment layer of which they may not have gained otherwise.



Although only adding a small fraction of entertainment into transmedia narratives, Spotify understands that current day audiences expect access to multiple mediums for a complete transmedic experience. They are addressing this with a proposed plan to also become an on demand video streaming service much like Netflix, giving Spotify users broader access to a transmedia story experience.


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