W8 ~ Everything’s a Remix


Remix Culture

We are in an age where creation is key. Nearly everything that can be done has been done, so it comes as no surprise that with the  advancements in technologies current day audiences are going back and building on, extending and changing  existing materials and turning it into something new through remixing and mashing (Burns 2010). Remixing has becoming a cultural art form and adds demonstrates the change in the role audiences now play in progusague as the viewer becomes and active collaborator of content online.

While laws against using original content are getting stricter, the rate of recreation is going up, every day on YouTube alone; 1000’s of videos of remade content are being posted online. People are participating in this cultural phenomenon in a number of ways:

1 By creating covers of original content it a new sounds and new beat..



2 By remixing music by changing an original piece of content so that it becomes a completely new work.



3 By mashing, where an artist will chop and combine a number of original works to create one new work.

And this isn’t just seen within music, but almost any form of creative content especially online from movies to simple video recordings.

So is it wrong that we use already existent content?

No, it isn’t. According to Kirby Ferguson in Embracing the Remix (See Below) remixing is a better form of creativity, he states that from the beginning of time people have been taking the ideas and content of someone else and used them as a guide and turned them into new content. All of the things we have today are products of ideas that were taken from someone else, our creativity comes from without, we are not self-made we are dependent on one and other.


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