My Media Space

It’s quite amazing just how our interaction with media has changed.

As a 19 year old, having media constantly around me has become quite the norm. My media space usually always consists of having one or more media devices around me and using multiple devices at once to perform a number of activities.

An example of my media space can be seen below, a photo of my bedroom here at Campus East.

The life of 19 year old students in 2014

The life of 19 year old students in 2014

Despite it not being the greatest picture, it shows a typical night for me and my roommates.

Whilst watching a movie on my TV, we often sit down on the bed doing (attempting) work on our laptops, always with our phones by our sides and in the case, my roomie Anna is also playing Candy Crush on the iPad.

For most, particularly for people my age, media space is considered normal. So it’s still quite surprising for me when I’m at home doing the same kind of thing, watching a movie on TV with a laptop on my lap and my iPhone in my hand and my parents cannot believe that I’m actually involved with all three screens at once.

The reaction of shock and disbelief to having three screens in front of me from my parents of an older generation, yet it being completely normal to people my age really shows how this modern day media space can cause a number of different reactions to the audience within. In this case it is being due to generational difference.

I am excited for the next 12 weeks of BCM240 to discover more about Media Audience and Place and to see how it relates back to my life out side of UOW.


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