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International Education

International Education


My first year here at University has brought many surprises but none more significant than just how much of an impact having international students living and studying along side me has enriched my knowledge about other cultures as well as enabling the creation of some life long friendships I otherwise wouldn’t have ever made.

From exchange students to full time international students calling Australia home whilst carrying out their degree.

Internationalising education has become more important then ever before in a world where globalisation is in motion. There are extensive benefits for internationalising education especially with the rise of international workforces, growth in international industries, and increasing technology that has the ability to connect people around the world.



By internationalising education, we are not only able to educate one and other about different cultures and customs, but also all gain an understanding on global issues.

In Australia, there is a bigger push then ever to have students study in Asia, and Asia study in Australia with the rise of China and India, having international education programmes with these countries promotes stronger relationships all countries involved and also sees potential for job and industry developments between all countries.



International education is a great thing, it opens the mind of the students traveling elsewhere to study, but also to the people they meet. The benefits from encouraging international education will be seen in coming years when globalisation has blurred the lines of place and people.



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