Cinema crossing Continents

Memoirs of a Geisha - Movie Cover

Memoirs of a Geisha – Movie Cover

Globalisation has caused a number of changes within entertainment industries but none more so then film. As mentioned in previous blogs as Hollywood and Bollywood as seen to be influencing one and other, a new genre of film known as “Crossover Film” has emerged.

Crossover film is film that crosses border in that, it will heavily stick and portray another culture throughout the film, but is in fact made for another audience.

It can cross cultures from not just the setting and actors depicted in the film but the Production, Hybrid Cinematic Text, Distribution, Reception.


An example of this is seen within the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. This move although a Hollywood film, was filmed in Japan and in the US, acted by Japanese actors, spoken in Japanese at times and was used traditional Japanese elements, and was based off an actual Japanese story.

Crossover film strives to be receptive in multiple countries and areas in the world, which was achieved with Memoirs of a Geisha as it was received internationally from Western Cultures to Eastern including China and Japan.

The Film works so well as a crossover film, as it takes a story and a stetting that is so traditionally Japanese yet depicts the struggle women faced in a male dominated society as well as a struggle to find love. This theme is one that’s used in film all over the world and is extremely relatable probably being one of the reasons it translated so well in numerous countries.


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