Hong Kong takes on media

Hong Kong - New Media Capital

Hong Kong – New Media Capital

Media capitals, in general, are metropolises, which are the main producers and distributors of media content that is used across the globe. Globalisation has resulted in new Media Capitals to develop and dominate, as cities that have an ever increasing economic, and cultural flows become major players in media content production.

Traditional media capitals such as America are starting to become less prominent with a rise form places such as Japan, India and China, with one of the most prominent new Media Capitals Hong Kong.

With a growing economy, large population and in a country that leads the way in production of media technologies it comes as no surprise that Hong Kong is now seen to be developing large amounts of media for consumption for not just China but other part of Asia.

Hong Kong develops just about all kids of media from Film, Magazines, Television Programs, Radio and even it’s own new genre of music known as Cantopop is being produced in Hong Kong and distributed across not just China but across a lot of Asia.




Hong Kong is also the largest producers of Online Media in all of Asia moving it further up the ranks of leading Media Capitals.

As Hong Kong continues to develop and media content production increases it appears that it is beginning to reach a wider audience around the globe.


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