The value of a news story

MH370 Global News

MH370 Global News

The development of technology and globalisation itself has enabled local news to become a part of the global news. Stories, interviews and correspondence can be shard and compared with other international media outlets enabling issues to be discussed globally.

But you have to ask, what are the news values of global news? What makes news go global?

When reporting on global news, it’s clear that the value of the stories is shaped by a number of things. Relevance, Rarity, Continuity, Elite References


The disappearance of international flight MH370 earlier this year was an event that made font page news globally because the event contained all values stated above.

The event involving people from multiple countries who disappeared on the flight, including passengers from Australia, makes the story relevant or worthy of reporting in the home countries of people involved, and in this instance, a number of countries.

Rarity of an event was one of the biggest values that made this story worthy of international news. The rareness of an international flight’s disappearance as well as the mystery and suspicion circulating around it became a leading factor as to why this story captured the attention of the global press.

As rare plane disappearances have captured international attention in the past, the continuity that once before stated that the topic of a plane disappearance was new worthy, continues through to the 2014 MH370 flight disappearance worthiness of news.



Besides the event itself, global news continued to circulate around MH370 significantly important or elite people, such as the Malaysian prime minister, President Barack Obama and in Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott responded to the disappearance of the flight. Whether it was addressing the families of missing passengers or publicly announcing to send out forces to help fin the flight, this continued to circulate the MH370 story in global news because of its values of Elite references.


It is clear that whether it is set in stone, or is just an understood set of criteria, what makes global news it often decided in whether if fits into these news values.


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