As climate changes, will the media too?

Climate Change

Climate Change

In the perfect world, media would report on the issues that were in societies best interest. They would adequately report on issues that represent them in a light that that is true to how they are in reality, and they would tell the straight out truth regarding current issues.

But we are not in the perfect world. And it appears mainstream media are not doing these things. Lets take climate change for example.


Impact of Global Warming

It is understood globally that climate change is a pressing and concerning issue that needs to be dealt with now, with a majority, or 97% of people believing that is the case. Now, 97% is nearly everyone, yet the media continues to portray the issue of climate change as a heated debate, giving that impression of 50/50 believes and non-believers, which is completely inaccurate to actual beliefs.


While most media code of ethics states that to fairly report, opposing views are needed to give accidence an entire scope of the issues being presented . This is what happens in most cases to do with climate change, one climate change expert, and one climate change sceptic. Now although this is abiding by these guidelines is it representing climate change in a way that is true to how climate change is? That half of the people believe in it and half of them don’t? No, it’s not. And in these cases it appears that the media are not accurately representing issues to their audiences.




Recently, at the UN Climate Summit in New York, numerous country leaders gathered and all discussed the impending issue of climate change. At the summit, president of the United State, Barack Obama gave an impressive speech about climate change being everyone’s responsibility. However, it was not this impressive speech made by one of the worlds most influential men that was reported and watched internationally, it was this speech made by Leonardo DiCaprio. During this time, 25 blocks in New York’s Cities CBD was taken up by one of the largest climate change protests ever to be seen with more then 400,000 people turning up, yet there was not one single bit of coverage watching the event.

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This begs the question, why is the media not reporting on these issues. Who is it running the media and what reasons do they have for not reporting on such important issues?



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