Crytical Analysis

The Australian government published a quantitative research report in July 2009 called, Click and Connect, Young Australian’s use of online social media. Which, as it states, research information about the youth of Australia’s use of social media and what effect it’s having on them.

This report has be conducted and published well, presenting its information in a way that is informative yet easy to read through. As previously stated, this was a quantitative research report, meaning that the study was done using hard numbers and measurements.

Graphs and charts are provided the entire way through the report, giving clear indication of the results being displayed. The report goes on however to expand and discuss in detail what the numbers and measurements provided in the graphs mean, giving further depth and understand to those numbers.

The report does a good job at showing how the research was conducted and also shows that it was structured greatly toward answering the research question.

Through a displayed graph, It can be determined that 819 Australian youth’ spanning from the ages of 8 – 17 have been interviewed.

The reports goes to show, that as one might expect, as the children get older, the more hours are spent on the internet per week.

A complex graph is also shown then to look at what reasons children of differing ages use the Internet. The results show that the younger children use it mainly for playing games online, where as the older children use it more for talking to friends, searching for music and for schoolwork.

What I like about this report is that below every graph, further information is provided, usually to discuss the differences found between the opposite sex of children as specific ages.

What I also find appealing about this report, is the way in which the researchers have decided when it came to publishing, that they would represent the differing ages in a specific colour, that was followed through the entire report. Further more, as differing sections of the report showcased differing questions and angles of Australian Youth’s use of online social media, the graphs that were displayed were different in every section.

When looking at results that were specifically detailing social media use, it was shown that 63% of children ages 8-9 had never used a social media site before where as only 3% of children aged 16-17 had never used a social media site before.


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